Au petit mas panoramique

Le Ranch "Au Petit Mas" (the little farmhouse)

Boarding for horsescheval soleil


-boarding with a meadow of three acres
-a shelter installed in the meadow, stalls available
-feed distibuted twice a day
-a secure cabin, equiped with running water, is available to the owners and usable for equipment storage
-boarding is to be paid the first of every month
-owners have access to the round riding arena and riding circuits

Responsabilities of the Ranchcheval boxe

-feed, survey, and care for the horses
-take responsability in all areas concerning the well-being of the horse. (adjusting food rations, calling a veterinarien in cases of sickness etc. . .) The owner will be notified of any such changes.
-provide insurance for each horse (personal liability).
-feed consists of grain and quality hay. The amount of grain is calculated according the size of the horse, workload, state, and temperament.

Responsabilites of the ownercheval rond

-cover the costs of blacksmiths and veterinary fees.
-paperwork for each horse must be provided.
-organizing and securing the cabin, a key will be intrusted to the owner.
-provide his own riding material.
-owner is welcome to come freely during opening hours 7 am to 9 pm year around.

Pricing :

Boarding meadow and stalls : 200 €
half board/meadow : 100 €