Au petit mas panoramique

Le Ranch "Au Petit Mas" (the little farmhouse)

Important information concering the horse treks.

Be advised . . .
The guide/organizer reserves the right to modify the trek for security reasons, due to weather or other obstacles, which could result if a change of trajectory and/or side trips.

Riders cavalier
The horses are a cross between Spanish and Lusitanien breeds, they have good endurance and a gentle character, they are sure and used to treks even in mountains areas and through difficult terrain.

This trek is for riders of all levels but it is good to have a little experience with outdoor riding.

The rider is responsable for his horse; grooming, and saddling. Following the instructions of the guide, he will participate in caring for the horse.

The basic pace will be at a walk, with some trotting and gallops when conditions allow and according to the level of the rider.

Physical Requirements
Must be in good condition for 5 consecutive days of horse riding with 5 to 6 hours in the saddle. THe riders who are not accustomed to riding regulary are encouraged to do so before arriving to condition themselves to being in the saddle. We encourage you to consult your doctor beforehand to discover if you have any physical conditions that would prevent you from enjoying the trek.

• The trek is led by a professionel rider, certified by the state in equestrian tourism.
• Baggage will be taken beforehand by a vehicule.
• A riding helmet is recommended for adults and required for riders between the age of 10 and 16.
• A passport or other valid identification card for all European citizens.

• You may seek out insurance for horse riding in addition to what is provided by the ranch.

Equipement to bring

• A bagpack is preferred to a suitcase (consider baggage that is not excessive in volume).
• For sleeping - a sleeping bag or drap-sac

• jeans or riding breeches
• t-shirts or long sleeve shirt
• sweater or jacket
• a heavier jacket or coat (anorak)
• A poncho or raincoat is recommended in case of rain, as well as a change of clothes.

• waterproof shoes or horse riding boots
• light and comfortable

Specific items
• mini-chaps, chaps or leggings
• riding helmet (if desired for the adults, required for younger riders)

• A wide brim hat, scarf, gloves
• canteen, pocketknife, lighter, a forehead lamp with extra batteries and replacement bulbs

Personal Care
• a bag for toiletries and a towel

Discounts :

-5% for members of the ranch « au petit mas ».
-5% for riders accompaning those under 16 years old.
-10% for riders under 25 years old.
-10% for families of 4.