Au petit mas panoramique

Le Ranch "Au Petit Mas" (the little farmhouse)

Horse Trek : Le Bugarach « la montagne renversée » (Bugarach "the inverted mountain"

Lasting 5 days

Passing by the legendary site, Rennes-le-château, and by way of the historic hot water springs Rennes-les-bains, to arrive at the famous inverted mountain: Bugarach.

High points :Bugarach

The experience of the horse riding in the great outdoors.
Hot water springs at Rennes-les-bains.
Castle at Rennes-le-château.
The castle of Arques.
The peak - Bugarach
The great massifs and forests of the Aude region.
Other geological marvels.


Starting at 8 am at the ranch « Au petit Mas ».
For those who would like to arrive a day in advance, we can suggest several hotels/bed and breakfasts in the area, the costs are not included in the price of the trek.

Day 1/ Limoux – Rennes les bains.rennes-les-bains
From Limoux (156m) we follow the gentle Aude River, along the banks, crossing Alet-les-bains and reaching the red iron soil of Esperaza ; in this fantastic surroundings and geologie we are reminded of prehistoric times, we finish the day at Rennes les bains (254m).

Day 2/Rennes-les-bains – Rennes le château
With an amazing setting, marked by the sulfuric vapors of the hot springs, known from ancient times in Rennes les bains,we push onward on the windy plateau leading to Rennes le château (272m) ; we will visit the ancient « Rhedae », a roman gaulic fortification, as well as the museum retracing the life and work of the Abby Saunière known for more that a century for its mysterious tresure - we finish this rich day descending again to Rennes les bains to take a break surrounded by the hot baths.rennes-le-chateau

Day 3/Rennes-les-bains – Bugarach
We start the day following the river, Sals, then ascending steadily through the forest to arrive at the caster Templiers (832 m). Taking the Cathare route we redescend to the village of Bugarach (340 m).
Nesteld at the base of the peak of Bugarach (1230m) namesake of the village, also called "the inverted mountain" because of the violent tectonic activity during the birthe of the Pyrenes, it gives us a spectacular vision of time past. To finish we rest ourselves and the horses at the lake in a particulary pleaseant atmosphere.

Day 4/Bugarach – Arquesarques
Ascending again by the village Sougraigne by an equestrien trail, we reach the forest of Rialsesse (730m)and the amazing Atlas cedars. We continue to make our way through the forest, descending to the historic touristic lake of Arques (417m), that marks the village as well as the castle (XIII century) a witness of the Cathare era.

Day 5/Arques – Limoux
We kick off the day, as the first, following the red iron filled soit across the dunes and amazing hills. While ascending across the changing countryside, we see the green replace the red earthtones of Arques. We reach the peak of the Quartière at 769 m. We then start to redescend into the Aude Valley, to the places called « l'Orme mort » (the dead elms), we pass by a menhir to rejoin the banks of the Aude river. We finish our amazing journey by crossing the vineyards of Limoux and entering the ranch « Au petit Mas ».

Dates :

July 9, 2012
July 23, 2012
August 6, 2012
August 20, 2012
September 3, 2012
September 17, 2012


Prices :

667 € (including lodging, meals, and museum visits)

Important : 30% required to reserve your place.

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